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Summer Creations

Summer Creations

There are times when flowers can help to express our feelings when simple words aren't enough to communicate what we want to say. For a variety of reasons, flowers can deliver the message and reinforce the meaning of what you want to
Thank you, I'm sorry, I love you, Hope you're having a good day, Hope you're having a better day, Good luck, Congratulations, I miss you, I wish I could be there, Forgive me

Sometimes the best reason for sending flowers is no reason at all. What a thrilling and unexpected surprise it can be for the delighted person who receives flowers "just because"! And wouldn't you like to be the person who's responsible! At Design Collective Floral, we encourage the sending of flowers for no reason, simply because it's an easy way to spread a little happiness. Research even backs this up ( Flowers create an instant attitude adjustment. Genuine, spontaneous smiles
appear when people receive flowers. Moods improve, spirits are lifted, and people are generally happier whenever flowers appear. And the effect can last for days.

Fresh flower arrangements like the ones pictured below can help you get your message across. Whether you've got a specific reason for sending them, or even if it's "just because", Design Collective Floral can assist you in making the right choice.