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Everybody loves spring flowers! After a long winter, people are eager to enjoy the early color that spring flowers bring. Spirits are always lifted whenever someone receives an arrangement of spring flowers - they can't help but smile

It used to be true that so-called ,spring, flowers were only available during the spring season. But modern forcing techniques plus a worldwide growers' market have made many types of spring flowers available all year long. The names of some of these flowers include tulips, iris, freesias and ixia. Even amaryllis, which at one time were restricted to late winter and early spring, can now be had all year long. Other types of spring flowers, however, with names that include hyacinths, narcissus, forsythia and lilacs, are still more or less restricted to the spring growing season. These flowers do appear early in the season though, so we no longer have to wait quite so long for the spring season to begin. Most of these early spring flowers start to become available during wintertime