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The rose is the number one favorite flower in the United States. In fact, more than 600 million roses are sold in American flower shops every year! That number doesn't even count the hundreds of thousands of roses that are used on the floats in the annual Rose Bowl parade. As most men already know, there is perhaps no gift that is more romantic than a dozen roses, beautifully arranged and delivered by Design Collective Floral.

It seems that the appetite for the rose will never diminish, as more and more hybrid roses arrive on the market every year, including more than one red rose that is so deep in color as to appear almost black. A rose such as "Black Magic" and "Black Baccara" has a very deep, mysterious burgundy color with a gorgeous velvety texture. Besides the nearly black rose, there is a rose for nearly every color of the spectrum - except a blue rose, that is. But hybridizers are working hard, trying to create a blue rose that will complement all the red, pink, yellow, and white rose varieties that we already have. In the meantime, enjoy the rose arrangements pictured in our Rose flower gallery .