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Fall Flowers

Fall Flowers

Fall Flowers
The fall season is such a marvelous time for flowers! The sumptuous fall colors of deep red, orange, burgundy and golden yellow have a feeling of richness and warmth, more so than at any other season of the year. It's no wonder that so many brides are choosing the fall season for their weddings and using fall flowers in their wedding arrangements. It's a palette of colors that enhance people's complexions quite well and that look great with so many fabrics. The fall season is also a time when the weather is more reasonable than at other times of the year. But even if you're not planning a wedding, fall flowers are a beautiful accent in many home d├ęcor settings.

There are a number of fall flowers that come into season in the autumn of the year, including asters, celosia, crocosmia, dahlias, and euphorbia. Chrysanthemums, even though they are now available year-round, are most strongly associated with the fall season; that's when they come into bloom in the garden. Dried materials, such as wheat or cattails, make a nice addition to an arrangement of fall flowers. And while they aren't strictly fall flowers, sunflowers are especially striking in fall arrangements, as you can see in some of the pictures below.